Author: Vitel Bogdan

Client: In open discussions

Status: Proof of Concept

IsoTrack is a system for tracking and managing people placed under CoVID-19 quarantine.

The system has two main components:

  • A server and Administration Dashboard for centralizing quarantine data, managing and monitoring the quarantine status of tracked people
  • A mobile application installed on the tracked person's phone and used to monitor their status and compliance with quarantine rules

The system was built with user privacy at its core thus no personal data is being stored or exchanged between the mobile tracking application and the server. Internally, anonymous IDs are used to group and identify user data. It is the government/monitoring authority's sole responsibility to map these anonymous IDs with personal data such as the person's name and/or phone number. The system however can function even without this information thus providing ample flexibility for the monitoring authority to integrate the system in their own infrastructure.


  • Near-realtime geolocation of quarantined people: this allows government personnel to immediately know and check if the quarantined person is still in quarantine
  • Easy Android/iOS mobile tracking app setup: Install the app and that's it. A unique anonymous ID is generated on the spot and sent to the server to register the quarantined person. No personal data requested or exchanged.
  • Automatic status monitorization: The system automatically checks at regular intervals and requests that the quarantined person confirm their location. A colour-coded flagging system allows the government operator to immediately spot any person who might have missed the regular checks.
  • Quarantined person status management: The system provides an up-to-date, colour-coded status system for each monitored person. If the monitored person cannot be contacted, a yellow alert is raised. If the person fails multiple contact checks, a red alert is raised. Detailed information regarding the alert status such as: last succesful contact time and failure reason (GPS failure, user failed to confirm its status, tracked phone no longer responds...) are provided to determine the appropriate response. The government operator always has the option to physically phone the monitored person or dispatch someone at their last known location.